How to be a Champion


After spending countless hours in Acadmae, being present for talos’ s ritual and helping fellow students and teachers, I still find my self exuberated. The interest that fellador has on yalos is most impressive, and I finally have a chance to prove myself to woman I find most most beautiful.

The tornament is where I search for my chance to finally prove myself, if this was a magical tornament I for sure wouldve won. To my knowledge i knew nothing of the tornament rules, only to find out that is was a fencing competition…..to which I was more than happy to try. To my luck I have been doing some research as to how the rapier is made used and perfected. I only became interested because of my musical companion’s choice of weapon. When we all arived we were introduced to an older fellow whom came to my surprise to be a noble of sorts, i didn’t care to much for it but Gnarcunt and Dseff to an interest in him and tried to spark a conversation, although it looked short cut amd dismissed. So on to the ladder we went.

In the start Gnarcunt completely out mastered a noble student, Dseff was brought down my the agile movements of another student, and i found myself at ease with this blade as I danced around my opponent with great ease.



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