The Iron Journal

Who among you is worthy?

I found myself in a city. There was rioting in the streets, and building were on fire. However none of this concerned me at all. I merely wanted to locate a person worthy of adventuring with which to share in an adventure. A city writhed in chaos seemed an appropriate place to search. I even offered a gold reward to anyone who could match me, however one by one they fell at my feet. A circle began to form around me as more and more challengers approached, then finally in the sea of petty humans a stout dwarf and a gold skinned half elf came to the fray. However before they accepted my challenge several of the humans attacked and the dwarf and golden elf fought at my side.
They fought well, and we easily brushed aside these meager whelps. Though one was left alive for some reason, and I was asked to take him with us. I obliged because I wanted to join with them for the half elf had bled fighting at my side.

I followed them through the frantic streets to a small home. We entered and it seemed to be old and abandoned, I did not understand why we came here. They also seemed perplexed and without answers so I didn’t bother asking. I threw our new prisoner on the coach and took post at a window looking for any signs of danger or trouble coming our way.

Shortly after one of their bags began glowing and an apparition of a female appeared. She spoke of a burial and that they had done some good work in recovering her head and that she would offer them help in the future. This further solidified my thoughts about their worthiness as companions.

The dwarf then attempted to treat the prisoner, who soon after came to. The prisoner then attempted to attack me. I would have taken his head, but my new comrades felt strongly that I should not. So I stayed my axe and allowed the creature to live. They asked him some questions and allowed him to leave. If he ever compromises us, no army can withhold my vengeful wrath.

The next day we stumbled across a drunken guard, he seemed aggressive at first, but was then kind. He passed out, likely from drunkenness and we holed him up in a room at the tavern he was kicked out of. We proceeded down to the graveyard and buried the head of the apparition, and she appeared once more over her grave. She spoke, though I was not paying her any attention at the time. I was more focused on my new companions. They seemed to be interested in further adventures, which pleased me well.
We left the graveyard and headed to a richer part of town, we found ourselves in a smith shop. I have such memories of these places, the countless repairs I have had done over time. The dwarf got new armor which was very efficient looking armor, and the golden elf suggested I get a better axe. He was assured that my axe was more than enough axe to quell incoming forces and rend flesh from bone.

We entered an academic institution. I have never had much use for these, though the golden elf felt as though they could find answers, and I thought perhaps I could unlock a clue to my past. We ended up speaking with an old colleague of the elf. I inquired about his knowledge of magic of my nature. He seemed to know something and offered to take a look at me. Given my lack of leads I took him up on this offer. We went to his study and he had many elaborate tools lying about. I sat on a chair and he began tinkering with the back of my head. Then three events flashed into my brain.

First I found myself in a large cave, there were giant cogs above and around me, and dark hooded figure was approaching. Perhaps he is my creator, perhaps he is the same hooded figure that appears in my first memory. Secondly I found myself in a large plains. I was surrounded by the corpses of slaughtered gnolls while wearing the pelt of a great albino gnoll. The vision was of me walking through a town littered with the corpses of diseased people. Some were crying out in agony and not quite dead yet, but there was no glimmer of hope for them. The memories ceased and I found myself back in the presence of the dwarf, the golden elf and the old man. I have finally obtained a solid lead about my past.

And at last we were headed towards the castle. A mighty building which seemed built to withstand siege guarded by many and swarmed with the common weaklings seeking refuge and safety. I don’t blame them with the chaos in the streets and no way to defend themselves, still pitiful though. We got in and I was forced to remove my armaments, at first I was reluctant, but my companions assured me that it was okay. Besides I could easily crush a guard in the castle and take their weapons if the situation called for it.

We waited for an audience, I was used to waiting. The golden elf was being very chatty, I chose not to listen. As our party was called up, there appeared to be a discrepancy as to why we were there, I myself did not even know. I thought that I was going to get some action, but the matter was quickly resolved. Those guards can live another day.

The queen was a young woman, she seemed to be in questionable health. Though we presented an amulet to her in a strange ritual involving a pillow and a lackey. She offered us gold in exchange for this amulet and I had no problem accepting the generous payment. She also complained of the continued rioting, to which I knew I would be able to put an end to. If a show of force would not work, surely staining the city with the blood of the rioters would. So I offered my services and she eagerly accepted. And a large claymore wielding warrior offered to guide us to the problem areas. This was most ideal, not only did she seem an able bodied warrior which appealed to me. The golden elf also showed some interest in her and watching the rejection was amusing for some reason.



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