The Queen Commands It

Treachery and unpleasantries


After speaking with the Queen, our party set out to be briefed on our newly acquired task of quelling the riots. We arrived at our destination not long after departing the castle and were reunited with our fleetly companion Gnarcunt. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a fair, heavily armored, human woman who spoke highly of us. This was quite surprising! Somehow, the golden elf has manged disassociate himself with his overly proactive and slightly perverted nature. Then there is good Gnarcunt’s, that half-elf has a criminal record! Ah well, what can ye do.

Anyhow, we were given the responsibility of upholding the law, as the guards would. With this new power, we are to find guards who have deserted their posts and bring them in to be punishment and questioning, possibly not in that order. The fair lady briefed us on our responsibilities and showed us the location of where the most notable deserter was taking refuge. We formulated a plan agreed to set it in motion after a rest. We set out the following day feeling invigorated as well as experienced, learning from our mistakes in previous encounters.

We arrived at a meat market where hungry commoners lined up to received food for their families. We agreed to split the party and assault the location from both fronts without attempt of simple conversation beforehand. In a bloody battle with many injuries, Gnarcunt and I managed to pacify all the thugs that were running the operation in our end of the shoppe. As a party, we then traveled up the stairs thinking we had the man we were looking for with no option of escape. We were correct, but he had barricaded himself in a room, rendering access to him difficult, or so he thought. With a great leap, the impressively nimble Talos climned the barricade and tackled the blasted Verrick to the ground. After beating the man into submission, we return to out post with traitor in hand.


Battle plans and tactics are things highly valued by my people, but I find I do not share their keen sense of coordination during tumultuous battles. I often seek to hit the first creature that wished to oppress our movement, disregarding proper strategy. I think I can attribute this to my growing frustration with the lack of clarity on which direction I should travel in. I have found the troubled adventurers as needed, yet no further signs have been presented to me! For now, I shall revisit my meditation practices and re-synch myself with ebb and flow of battle, achieving serenity once more. I must move beyond my hereditary stubbornness if were are to maintain success in future battles.

Moreover, I am a tender of wounds. I can blame my actions on the reality that I would rather not be placed in the role of lawful mercenary. Alas, if it is what must done to have my path revealed to me, so be it.



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