The Sable Captain

Gather 'round the fire and enjoy a thrilling tale of love and adventure.

Not so long ago, a powerful woman lead The Sable Company. Upon a golden griffin named Garibaldi she flew. With her flowing hair billowing behind her as she lead The Sable company against scum of Quenos. One day as she made her rounds, she happened upon a wonderful Bard with a ridiculous name, and she could tell that he could truly shape the world with his music and fell very much in love with the Bard. She paused to listen to the rest of his performance on the street and cheered with the rest of the crowd. The Captain couldn’t help but notice how torn and used the Bard’s clothes were, and how worn his instrument was. She thought to her self that she could save him from the gutters, rescue him from the prison of the streets and raise him high. So one of the Sable Company was tasked to follow him to find where the Bard lay his head, to call upon him later that day.

As The Sable Captain approached the Bard’s humble quarters she felt very nervous, she sensed something wasn’t quite right, but passed it off as butterflies of the heart. However, The Captain’s young lieutenant had followed her unknowingly.

The Bard and the Captain were talking deep into the night, and very fond of each other, both lamenting their lot in life and wish they could go away together, as Garibaldi the griffon as being stroked along his neck by the Bard. The lieutenant listening under the window was feeling quite protective of his Captain, but secretly wished her to be gone, so he could take command.

Suddenly goblin assassins burst into the room from both doors and the Bard, the Captain, and the lieutenant launched themselves the their feet and drew their weapons for battle. As much as the lieutenant wanted command, he could not stand idle, so he knocked an arrow and took aim at an assassin wielding a short sword.

As the Captain’s sword flashed from her scabbard, she lopped the head off of one of her attackers, and the Bard skewered a goblin threw the eye with his rapier. Garibaldi slashed his talons as he pounced upon the goblin that the young lieutenant had just took aim.

Even over the noise of combat, the Bard could hear the “Twang” and the “Hiss” as the lieutenant’s arrow found its home in Garibaldi’s heart.

Stricken with grief The Captain rushed to her dying friend and steed. In the midst of confusion and sorrow, a goblin throwing knife slid into the soft hollow of her throat. The lieutenant jumped into the room only to be immediately thrown back into the wall, getting knocked out cold. The Bard emitted such a note, laced with the most powerful magic and emotion. it knocked everyone out cold with thunder. When the lieutenant awoke he saw the Bard crying over his love, The Captain. The lieutenant’s older sister. He then swore he would have his vengeance upon the Bard, because it was all his fault. An arrow chased after the Bard as he leaped out of the window, missing its mark. The Bard however, had just suffered the greatest wound he could ever be dealt.

So as I left the fishery and The Sable company flew overhead, I knew I could not meet The new Captain, brother of my late love, or I would surely meet my doom to the might of the Company. I made my excuses and sought refuge in the only safe place left, the Palace, where I am well known. The queen welcomed me and begged his assistance to save help the city, which I accepted on the condition that she reunite me with my companions and square my feud with The Captain.



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