Unravelling Mysteries.

A new companion.

The sound of magical explosion echoed through the night, Gnarcunt flees in terror, and the city is under siege by goblins while the people who call this city simultaneously revolt. Looting, pillaging, aggressive mobs, and even makeshift gladiator battles! Oh, what en evening we had.

Speaking to those gladiator battles, the elf and I met a most impressive magical construct. A fully sentient being who calls himself Talos; what a sight he is to witness! Talos immediately proved himself to be worthy of our company as he wields his sizable axe with great purpose: that of brutal dismemberment. The next day, through some inquiries at the institution of learning, Talos has managed to extract some memories of his past. Perhaps his destiny will tie into mine? Only time will tell.

As for Zallara, we returned to her abode with the intentions of deciphering her mysterious ways further complected by her unfortunate and untimely demise. Upon our return, she appeared to us as a spiritual being and revealed her true purpose. As deception is never pleasing, Geadren was brought to justice for the pain he caused to all of us. This truth, combined with her kind and haunted words, made for a most interesting experience that will resonate within my spirit for many moons. As a party, we agreed to give the girl a proper burial out of respect. In return for our kindness, we were granted the privilege of staying in the deceased’s home with terms for occasional spiritual guidance as we need it. I predict this will be most useful. Although, I hope the girl does not suffer being bound to the mortal planes. If it is just, we will find a means to break the bond and put her to peace for all days to come.

The new day has brought another challenge offered to us by none other than the queen of the city herself. We are to end the revolt. If a diplomatic approach is not successful, I fear that this may bring about much unnecessary death. Luckily, the half-elves I call my companions are quite charismatic folk. If the commoners do turn to violence, my new armor will turn away the blows as Talos does what he does best.

All I can I wish for is to see the direction of where I must be revealed to me in clearer light. I am sure this will come to be as the days pass.

- Dseff



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