The New Beginning.

I must begin my journey soon. I predict that those whom I seek will not be hard to find.

- Dseff

The First Day
We are in deep.

I was summoned to a quiet abode by the means of a magical card to learn the whereabouts of the man who forced me into seclusion: the cursed Gendrick. I arrived at my destination shortly after I was summoned and I was met by two half-elves, one a queer bard, and the other a gleaming sorcerer. Despite my differences with them we were all united by a common cause. With some forceful prodding I had ascertained some details of their troubled pasts, so they may be the ones I am looking for. Anyhow, guided by the fair maiden who summoned us, we made our way to a disgusting fishery running a less-than-legal operation. After the wrongdoers were brought down I showed mercy to the ,am who was responsible for that awful work. I am sure the death of his companions was enough to scare him straight; if not, we will hunt him down and he will be given no more chances to make innocents suffer.

After interrogating the head of the operation we discovered a secret passage leading to the ever elusive Gendrick under a ship outside.As we attempted to apprehend him, a ferocious battle was waged with his absurdly large pet crocodile. It was difficult but our sheer determination led us to an honest victory. It was so very satisfying crushing the life out of that beast after it had almost killed the Bard. Poor, poor Gnarcunt. Mayhaps he will conjure up a tune about crocodile slaying after his brush with death.

Now that Gendrick is dead, our concerns have been swiftly shifted. We found the head of the maiden, with her magical cards I might add, in Gendrick’s possession. It had been not more than an hour after we parted with her. She even explicitly stated that she was going to remain there and wait fro our return. It is all mind boggling. I hope she was granted a quick death.

I have settled with my past, but I must now look forward into the future to my goal. I hope to soon discover how this maiden fits into my destiny. Perhaps there are others troubled ones who will join us on this path of discovery, strong warriors are never a bad thing. I will begin unravel these mysteries soon enough I predict, I just hope they do not unravel so violently.

- Dseff

Crocodile Pie
Original Composition by Gnarcunt

Sang to the tune of American Pie

A very short time ago,
In a land not so far away,
My companions and I were making an attack.
lute music
So me and half-elf Pha-ay-den,
went to find that cursed Ga-ay-edren
with the help of a dwarf named Dseff.
picks on lute
But that croc caught me in its mouth,
I tried so hard to get out.
Dseff hit it with his hammer,
all I did was stammer.

I can’t remember If I died,
but when I came to, the croc was fried.
Phaeden got Geadren deep inside.
The day, that Gaedren died.
more lute
Oh bye, bye, Mr. criminal dude
it turned out you had haters,
you shouldn’t of been so rude.
You took children from their homes,
and kissed their innocence goodbye,
I’m Singin’ this was the day Gaedren Died,
This was the day Kester died.
lute jamming in the background
Oh bye, bye, Mr. criminal dude
it turned out you had haters,
you shouldn’t of been so rude.
You took children from their homes,
and kissed their innocence goodbye,
I’m Singin’ this was the day Gaedren Died,
This was the day Kester died…

Storm on the Horizon

When studying in a hall with scripts and texts reaching the heavens one learns to know what to expect while reading. As I read through a scripts of a new technique I was working on a card fell on to the desk. The card was detailed so fine with beautiful a being on the front, also labeled “The Courtesan”. Turning the card over I noticed I writing this writing is what lead me to a woman who would help me seek what I have not found. Upon meeting this woman by the name of Zellara and 2 other beings, a husky dwarf who scared the “shit” out of me at first, and lovely Bard who’s music quite honestly scares me as well. together we all had something in common and we would seek our goals in what must be called a fellowship of sorts. we tracked down an old rotting fisher where we did battle with some of the lower life creatures of this plane. the dwarf is a mighty animal handler which saved us the tussle with a rapid wolf-dog, and to our surprise the goons had tried to attacks with small children, which was something I could never forgive. However the Bard is a most comforting person and manage to break the emotional chains of these children and set them free. Although one child known as Kester “the Slayer” turned to fight those he once fought for, but not out of fear, out of sheer bravery for this lad and throw all fear and evil out of his heart to show the true meaning whats it called to be hero. Although the gods did not roll in his favor as one of the goons turn away from all conflict to shut down the dreams of the innocent, for this he no mercy from me. all that remains of Kester is the dagger he used to pierce the heart of his slave driver and for that we will carry it on. As we captured one of the goons we discovered a hidden basement below the fishery where our mutual friend was to be hiding. we set foot down a slippery dock hoping we do not fall into the waters where numerous “fucking” sharks swim, and down into a boat crowded with poisonous spiders. we reached a doorway where we barged in to find Gaedren Lamm the killer of my father and his pet Crocodile who was larger then the dwarf’s attitude. With 2 Magic missiles and a dagger to the throat I slew Gaedren and felt nothing but satisfaction. As I finished what I had start I noticed my companions in dire need of help as the Bard had fallen in to what seemed to be almost death. As the dwarf’s might held fast against the massive beast I did what I could I together we were triumphant. We debated on skinning the beast but we were to exhausted by this point. Gaedren was nice enough to leave us some treasures, which is where we found the rotting head of the woman who sent us here. With what seemed to be a head that is weeks old we could not do anything but wonder who we were really talking to…

City of Flames

We walked out of the fishery feeling accomplished yet empty, something was still a miss. Upon walking out Gnarcunt suddenly started dashing away saying that he’ll meet up with us later, strange.

As Gnarcunt left the area a mob was on march towards us. Withus doing nothing wrong a homeless man grabbed me and and said the city was doomed, and as he says this we look up and see the city horizon in a red glare. Upon entering the city to see what was wrong we encountered a monster of not mankind, he yelled into the crows demanding someone worthy of a challenge approach him. The dwarf being a cocky as he is approached, meanwhile I’m bleeding out of the side of my hip, thanks dwarf. As we discussed terms with the massive being a group of burly looking guys approached us and declared a rumble between the 3 of us, great no were associated with the big guy. I we started to fight the monster cut down a man right in half with no hesitation, I had thought it was going to be a brawl not a murder scene, but things change.

After the events we took refuge in the house that we met Zellara in. There we discovered that the massive being is called Talos and he is a WarForge.

Unravelling Mysteries.
A new companion.

The sound of magical explosion echoed through the night, Gnarcunt flees in terror, and the city is under siege by goblins while the people who call this city simultaneously revolt. Looting, pillaging, aggressive mobs, and even makeshift gladiator battles! Oh, what en evening we had.

Speaking to those gladiator battles, the elf and I met a most impressive magical construct. A fully sentient being who calls himself Talos; what a sight he is to witness! Talos immediately proved himself to be worthy of our company as he wields his sizable axe with great purpose: that of brutal dismemberment. The next day, through some inquiries at the institution of learning, Talos has managed to extract some memories of his past. Perhaps his destiny will tie into mine? Only time will tell.

As for Zallara, we returned to her abode with the intentions of deciphering her mysterious ways further complected by her unfortunate and untimely demise. Upon our return, she appeared to us as a spiritual being and revealed her true purpose. As deception is never pleasing, Geadren was brought to justice for the pain he caused to all of us. This truth, combined with her kind and haunted words, made for a most interesting experience that will resonate within my spirit for many moons. As a party, we agreed to give the girl a proper burial out of respect. In return for our kindness, we were granted the privilege of staying in the deceased’s home with terms for occasional spiritual guidance as we need it. I predict this will be most useful. Although, I hope the girl does not suffer being bound to the mortal planes. If it is just, we will find a means to break the bond and put her to peace for all days to come.

The new day has brought another challenge offered to us by none other than the queen of the city herself. We are to end the revolt. If a diplomatic approach is not successful, I fear that this may bring about much unnecessary death. Luckily, the half-elves I call my companions are quite charismatic folk. If the commoners do turn to violence, my new armor will turn away the blows as Talos does what he does best.

All I can I wish for is to see the direction of where I must be revealed to me in clearer light. I am sure this will come to be as the days pass.

- Dseff

The Sable Captain
Gather 'round the fire and enjoy a thrilling tale of love and adventure.

Not so long ago, a powerful woman lead The Sable Company. Upon a golden griffin named Garibaldi she flew. With her flowing hair billowing behind her as she lead The Sable company against scum of Quenos. One day as she made her rounds, she happened upon a wonderful Bard with a ridiculous name, and she could tell that he could truly shape the world with his music and fell very much in love with the Bard. She paused to listen to the rest of his performance on the street and cheered with the rest of the crowd. The Captain couldn’t help but notice how torn and used the Bard’s clothes were, and how worn his instrument was. She thought to her self that she could save him from the gutters, rescue him from the prison of the streets and raise him high. So one of the Sable Company was tasked to follow him to find where the Bard lay his head, to call upon him later that day.

As The Sable Captain approached the Bard’s humble quarters she felt very nervous, she sensed something wasn’t quite right, but passed it off as butterflies of the heart. However, The Captain’s young lieutenant had followed her unknowingly.

The Bard and the Captain were talking deep into the night, and very fond of each other, both lamenting their lot in life and wish they could go away together, as Garibaldi the griffon as being stroked along his neck by the Bard. The lieutenant listening under the window was feeling quite protective of his Captain, but secretly wished her to be gone, so he could take command.

Suddenly goblin assassins burst into the room from both doors and the Bard, the Captain, and the lieutenant launched themselves the their feet and drew their weapons for battle. As much as the lieutenant wanted command, he could not stand idle, so he knocked an arrow and took aim at an assassin wielding a short sword.

As the Captain’s sword flashed from her scabbard, she lopped the head off of one of her attackers, and the Bard skewered a goblin threw the eye with his rapier. Garibaldi slashed his talons as he pounced upon the goblin that the young lieutenant had just took aim.

Even over the noise of combat, the Bard could hear the “Twang” and the “Hiss” as the lieutenant’s arrow found its home in Garibaldi’s heart.

Stricken with grief The Captain rushed to her dying friend and steed. In the midst of confusion and sorrow, a goblin throwing knife slid into the soft hollow of her throat. The lieutenant jumped into the room only to be immediately thrown back into the wall, getting knocked out cold. The Bard emitted such a note, laced with the most powerful magic and emotion. it knocked everyone out cold with thunder. When the lieutenant awoke he saw the Bard crying over his love, The Captain. The lieutenant’s older sister. He then swore he would have his vengeance upon the Bard, because it was all his fault. An arrow chased after the Bard as he leaped out of the window, missing its mark. The Bard however, had just suffered the greatest wound he could ever be dealt.

So as I left the fishery and The Sable company flew overhead, I knew I could not meet The new Captain, brother of my late love, or I would surely meet my doom to the might of the Company. I made my excuses and sought refuge in the only safe place left, the Palace, where I am well known. The queen welcomed me and begged his assistance to save help the city, which I accepted on the condition that she reunite me with my companions and square my feud with The Captain.

The Iron Journal
Who among you is worthy?

I found myself in a city. There was rioting in the streets, and building were on fire. However none of this concerned me at all. I merely wanted to locate a person worthy of adventuring with which to share in an adventure. A city writhed in chaos seemed an appropriate place to search. I even offered a gold reward to anyone who could match me, however one by one they fell at my feet. A circle began to form around me as more and more challengers approached, then finally in the sea of petty humans a stout dwarf and a gold skinned half elf came to the fray. However before they accepted my challenge several of the humans attacked and the dwarf and golden elf fought at my side.
They fought well, and we easily brushed aside these meager whelps. Though one was left alive for some reason, and I was asked to take him with us. I obliged because I wanted to join with them for the half elf had bled fighting at my side.

I followed them through the frantic streets to a small home. We entered and it seemed to be old and abandoned, I did not understand why we came here. They also seemed perplexed and without answers so I didn’t bother asking. I threw our new prisoner on the coach and took post at a window looking for any signs of danger or trouble coming our way.

Shortly after one of their bags began glowing and an apparition of a female appeared. She spoke of a burial and that they had done some good work in recovering her head and that she would offer them help in the future. This further solidified my thoughts about their worthiness as companions.

The dwarf then attempted to treat the prisoner, who soon after came to. The prisoner then attempted to attack me. I would have taken his head, but my new comrades felt strongly that I should not. So I stayed my axe and allowed the creature to live. They asked him some questions and allowed him to leave. If he ever compromises us, no army can withhold my vengeful wrath.

The next day we stumbled across a drunken guard, he seemed aggressive at first, but was then kind. He passed out, likely from drunkenness and we holed him up in a room at the tavern he was kicked out of. We proceeded down to the graveyard and buried the head of the apparition, and she appeared once more over her grave. She spoke, though I was not paying her any attention at the time. I was more focused on my new companions. They seemed to be interested in further adventures, which pleased me well.
We left the graveyard and headed to a richer part of town, we found ourselves in a smith shop. I have such memories of these places, the countless repairs I have had done over time. The dwarf got new armor which was very efficient looking armor, and the golden elf suggested I get a better axe. He was assured that my axe was more than enough axe to quell incoming forces and rend flesh from bone.

We entered an academic institution. I have never had much use for these, though the golden elf felt as though they could find answers, and I thought perhaps I could unlock a clue to my past. We ended up speaking with an old colleague of the elf. I inquired about his knowledge of magic of my nature. He seemed to know something and offered to take a look at me. Given my lack of leads I took him up on this offer. We went to his study and he had many elaborate tools lying about. I sat on a chair and he began tinkering with the back of my head. Then three events flashed into my brain.

First I found myself in a large cave, there were giant cogs above and around me, and dark hooded figure was approaching. Perhaps he is my creator, perhaps he is the same hooded figure that appears in my first memory. Secondly I found myself in a large plains. I was surrounded by the corpses of slaughtered gnolls while wearing the pelt of a great albino gnoll. The vision was of me walking through a town littered with the corpses of diseased people. Some were crying out in agony and not quite dead yet, but there was no glimmer of hope for them. The memories ceased and I found myself back in the presence of the dwarf, the golden elf and the old man. I have finally obtained a solid lead about my past.

And at last we were headed towards the castle. A mighty building which seemed built to withstand siege guarded by many and swarmed with the common weaklings seeking refuge and safety. I don’t blame them with the chaos in the streets and no way to defend themselves, still pitiful though. We got in and I was forced to remove my armaments, at first I was reluctant, but my companions assured me that it was okay. Besides I could easily crush a guard in the castle and take their weapons if the situation called for it.

We waited for an audience, I was used to waiting. The golden elf was being very chatty, I chose not to listen. As our party was called up, there appeared to be a discrepancy as to why we were there, I myself did not even know. I thought that I was going to get some action, but the matter was quickly resolved. Those guards can live another day.

The queen was a young woman, she seemed to be in questionable health. Though we presented an amulet to her in a strange ritual involving a pillow and a lackey. She offered us gold in exchange for this amulet and I had no problem accepting the generous payment. She also complained of the continued rioting, to which I knew I would be able to put an end to. If a show of force would not work, surely staining the city with the blood of the rioters would. So I offered my services and she eagerly accepted. And a large claymore wielding warrior offered to guide us to the problem areas. This was most ideal, not only did she seem an able bodied warrior which appealed to me. The golden elf also showed some interest in her and watching the rejection was amusing for some reason.

The Queen Commands It
Treachery and unpleasantries


After speaking with the Queen, our party set out to be briefed on our newly acquired task of quelling the riots. We arrived at our destination not long after departing the castle and were reunited with our fleetly companion Gnarcunt. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a fair, heavily armored, human woman who spoke highly of us. This was quite surprising! Somehow, the golden elf has manged disassociate himself with his overly proactive and slightly perverted nature. Then there is good Gnarcunt’s, that half-elf has a criminal record! Ah well, what can ye do.

Anyhow, we were given the responsibility of upholding the law, as the guards would. With this new power, we are to find guards who have deserted their posts and bring them in to be punishment and questioning, possibly not in that order. The fair lady briefed us on our responsibilities and showed us the location of where the most notable deserter was taking refuge. We formulated a plan agreed to set it in motion after a rest. We set out the following day feeling invigorated as well as experienced, learning from our mistakes in previous encounters.

We arrived at a meat market where hungry commoners lined up to received food for their families. We agreed to split the party and assault the location from both fronts without attempt of simple conversation beforehand. In a bloody battle with many injuries, Gnarcunt and I managed to pacify all the thugs that were running the operation in our end of the shoppe. As a party, we then traveled up the stairs thinking we had the man we were looking for with no option of escape. We were correct, but he had barricaded himself in a room, rendering access to him difficult, or so he thought. With a great leap, the impressively nimble Talos climned the barricade and tackled the blasted Verrick to the ground. After beating the man into submission, we return to out post with traitor in hand.


Battle plans and tactics are things highly valued by my people, but I find I do not share their keen sense of coordination during tumultuous battles. I often seek to hit the first creature that wished to oppress our movement, disregarding proper strategy. I think I can attribute this to my growing frustration with the lack of clarity on which direction I should travel in. I have found the troubled adventurers as needed, yet no further signs have been presented to me! For now, I shall revisit my meditation practices and re-synch myself with ebb and flow of battle, achieving serenity once more. I must move beyond my hereditary stubbornness if were are to maintain success in future battles.

Moreover, I am a tender of wounds. I can blame my actions on the reality that I would rather not be placed in the role of lawful mercenary. Alas, if it is what must done to have my path revealed to me, so be it.

Battle at the Butchers
Impressive restraint

We had been charged by the queen to settle rioting and serve under her jurisdiction. We left to head out to a nearby barracks. On our way there we met up with a minstrel of sorts who seemed to be familiar with the dwarf and the golden elf. He joined with our small crusade and we made it off to the barracks. Here we were met by a female commander and a large table of maps. Curious I looked to the maps to see what sort of things had been planned out. I then noticed that the commander proceeded to shake the hands of my comrades and the minstrel so out of some apparent social standard I followed suit.

She asked if we could bring back a deserter who had caused a small rebellion with other guards. She gave us a location and sent us on our way. The next day we made our way to a butcher shop, fitting place for a potentially violent raid. My allies gave me the job of watching the front door to ensure nobody escapes. So I entered in and was not welcomed at all by two fit looking men. I had not even been aggressive or wielded my weapon but they attempted to intimidate me and force me out. I however am no deserter to my allies unlike these pathetic meat bags.

One thing led to another and we ended up in a fight, though by some act of ill fate I was unable to cut them down as easily as I felt I should. Though much to my surprise and happiness the golden elf showed up and came into the fray. At this point my fortunes changed and we easily overwhelmed them. We beat them into submission and tied them up and proceeded further in the building were we met up with the dwarf and the minstrel. It turns out they had bested two more of these scoundrels and I was impressed with their skills.

We headed upstairs were we had heard rushed footsteps. We found the one we were looking for and he had barricaded himself in a room, crossbow at the ready and escape route already planned out. It was clear he needed to be subdued as quickly as possible, so I rushed in and tackled him down. Others were soon with me and we had him. He began fussing about being held and treated unfairly, but he was a dishonorable man and I would not trust his words. We eventually got him to start talking and then he uttered vulgarities about the queen our employer. At this I had no choice but to beat him into unconsciousness. This sort of thing is not tolerated at all, and it seems the dwarf agreed with me.

The plan now is to bring him and the other deserters back to the barracks. And I am pleased to note that they are all alive.


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