Gods are plentiful in the world of Norrath, and their presence is felt everywhere. sometimes their handiwork is visible long ages after their actions. The gods struggle against each other constantly using the mortals who worship them as their agents. When more direct intervention is required, the gods may send their avatars to the lands of mortals to enact their will

Agents of the gods are active in all corners of the world. Even clearly segregated cities devoted to good or evil gods often have one or two worshippers of an opposing god lurking somewhere within. Beyond the major gods, many more minor gods and powers exist in the universe.


Choosing not to believe in any god is perfectly acceptable in the polytheistic world of Norrath. Agnosticism carries a slightly differant meaning in this world. Agnosticism is not an uncertainy about whether gods exist. They do. The gods are evident and their followers manifest powers that can be directly traced to their patron deity. Rather, agnosticism means that a character chooses to pay homage to no particular patron deity.

Deity List

Good Neutral Evil Titans (Elder Gods) Sub-Deities
Erollisi Marr the Queen of Love. Brell Serilis the Duke of Below. Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer. E’Ci the Wintry Guardian. Ayonae Ro the Maestra.
Mithaniel Marr the Lightbringer. Bristlebane Fizzlethrope the King of Thieves. Cazic-Thule the Faceless. Fennin Ro the Tyrant of Fire. Druzzil Ro the Matron of the Art.
Rodcet Nife the Prime Healer. Karana the Rainkeeper. Innoruuk the Prince of Hate. Povar the Veiled One. Luclin the Maiden of Shadows.
Prexus the Oceanlord. Rallos Zek the Warlord. Tarew Mar the Fathom Lord, Ruler of the Triumvirate of Water. Morrell Thule the Lord of Dreams.
Quellious the Tranquil. The Rathe the Council. Saryn the Mistress of Torment and Pain.
Solusek Ro the Burning Prince. Xegony the Queen of Air. Tallon Zek the Beholder of Battle.
The Tribunal the Six Hammers. The Nameless, All-Father of the Gods Terris-Thule The Dream Scorcher
Tunare the Mother of All. Vallon Zek the Governor of War.
Veeshan the Wurmqueen. Vazaelle Kaleine the Mad
Zebuxoruk the Forsaken.
Drinal the Silver Reaper.

Choose wisely, young adventurer!


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