Many of the EverQuest races have their own unique language. Languages can be taught to other races.

Players are able to talk to each other in different languages, however the messages will be encrypted if the player being talked to does not have a sufficient training in the language.
Some races have their own unique languages, which are more difficult to decipher than the populous languages.

Italicized races are prone to speaking the language.

Standard Languages

Language Script Spoken By:
Barbarian Common Barbarians
Common Tongue Common Humans, Erudites, Barbarians
Dark Elvish Elvish Dark Elves, High Elves
Dwarvish Dwarish Dwarves, Gnomes
Elvish Elvish Dark Elves, Half Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves
Erudian Common/Elvish Erudites
Froglok - -
Giant Dwarvish Ogres, Trolls
Gnoll Common Gnolls
Gnomish Dwarvish Gnomes, Dwarves
Goblin Dwarvish Goblinoids
Halfling Common Halflings
Lizardman Draconic Lizardmen
Orc Dwarvish Orcs

Exotic Languages


EQRPDND Tidomann

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Language Script Spoken By:
Abyssal Infernal Demons
Celestial Celestial Celestials
Combine Tongue - -
Dark Speech (Undercommon) Elvish Underdark Traders
Deep Speech - Mind flayers, beholders
Draconic Draconic Dragons, Dragonborn
Elder Draconic Draconic -
Elder Elvish Elvish Dark Elves, High Elves
Elder Tier’Dal Elvish -
Infernal Infernal Demons
Primordial Dwarvish Elementals
Sylvan Elvish Fey creatures
Old Erudian Common/Elvish -