A Grand Showing

and a golden one at that!

After nine days of tending to the physically a mentally battered, I left the temple of Nife to seek out companion and friend Gnarcunt. He had extended an invitation my way to drink and break words over hearty meal previous to the temporary disbanding of our party. The cheerful company was much appreciated, but I fear that he did not feel the same… I had naught but saddening tales of the sick and dying to offer. Being ever the optimist, Gnarcunt offered reassurance that my tales were not sending him into a state similar to that of those I had been tending to.

Ganrcunt and I joined with others after they were finished their exploits and we traveled to the Acadamae to make attempt at discerning the nature of Talos’ past. After a rattling vision, Talos revealed to us strange sights; equally as strange as his glowing eyes while experiencing them. Although I found his revelations quite fascinating, none of these glimpses into the past offered any insight as to how he fits into the signs I had been shown. There was a mention of five adventurers battling a dragon… but alas, they were visions of the past, not the beholding of future events.

From the institute of learning, we returned to Zalara’s and took rest until the coming day. With the new light came new opportunity, one for me to try my hand at a different style of combat! We headed to VanCarlo’s abode where he held a fencing tournament. There were many nobles about, but none were of interest to me, except for one that is. An older individual, a man which held a great magical presence but did not display it willingly. Gnarcunt broke words with man, but he held little interest in him or our party. Our paths will intersect again, I know this for certain.

As for the tournament itself, Gnarucnt, Phaeden, and I showed great promise fighting our way to the final tiers of the event. Sadly, I was eliminated by a student of similar skill who took advantage of every weakness I had left exposed. T’was a good fight, and his victory well deserved. I have concluded that precisely poking and prodding at an opponent’s weak areas is not for me; I shall stick to bringing foes to justice with hammer guided to purpose by my God himself. There is no need to examine a foe for weak points when you can smash through their strongest ones with divine purpose!

Ganrcunt was performing well throughout the event, then his luck took a turn for the worse. He was swiftly, and quite grandly might I add, brought down by his final opponent. I offered him a blessing to help secure his position in the final, but he had refused. He wished to prove himself to truly earn that final battle. The gesture was quite honorable, for a thief that is. And then there was Phaeden, in all his golden glory. I would often use the word glory loosely with this half-elf, but in this situation, he has earned its full merit. His skill with a fine blade is remarkable for one who takes to spells before sword. I was impressed, I must admit; he did win the entire tournament.

Soon after partaking in the tournament, we were set upon path to capture the one who slayed the King. As I predicted, we were joined by none other than the man I set eyes upon at the event of swordplay. He is Oosil, an elder diplomatic druid. He stands as a rough stone finely polished under years of flowing stream. As an acolyte of nature, he is well versed in the ways of the woods and its magical properties. His ties with the monarchy, the city, and the law in general came as a surprise. Nonetheless, he was a welcomed addition to the task at hand.

Working as team, we located the suspected female fleeing her apartment as we arrived. We then broke out in quick pursuit, and I praise gentle Nife, for we were favored this day. With a simple command, the will of my God cast out and into the girl’s thoughts, willing her to return to us. I anticipated somewhat of challenge in apprehending her from there, but Oosil was quick to display his magical prowess as he charmed the girl to help ease the capture. We then set out to return the girl unharmed, but feared the guards may have not been of like mind. Then, the clever Gnarcunt who was never to be caught as the fool turned the girl invisible to bypass the resistance we would have surely encountered. Quick thinking, friend; some confrontations are more welcomed than others.

Our party is making a name for itself in this town quickly enough. Perhaps we shall see it expanded beyond these walls? Glory is not what I seek, but if recognition can help sway favor to those in need, then I shall take it.

I now stand in front of the Queen and ask myself: where will our adventures lead to next? There is talk of Barbarian uprising. If the revolt grows too large, it may bring yet more to this town. We shall see what can be done about it.



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