The strangest group I've ever met...

Oosil -

After getting the news that my old home of Qeynos was in disarray I took it as my time to return after such a long time. It took me quite a long time to find my way back into the city and back into this noble circle. I haven’t talked to many of these families for such a long time that I do not recognise any of the heirs. Despite this fact my heritage and what was left behind of my family name was enough to get me invited to the important events and some invitations to meet the queen.

Queen Ileosa Bayle had some work that needed to be done throughout the city and thought it would make sense for me to meet some of the old houses in order to gain information on what could be done. Due to how slow news travels I wasn’t updated that the city had started to recover, however slowly, just a little bit. I was also invite to attend and old annual fencing tournament. The queen asked to to attend so that I could gather more information about the city and meet this “Team of adventurers” that she hoped I would help.

During the Tourney I was able to get caught up in full on the events of the city and the tales of these “Heroes.” However I wasn’t entirely convinced. However despite my prior judgements they proved to be worth while, while they made it very far in the tourney, with Pheaden even winning outright. Afterwards when they met up later with the Queen to assist the city again, I went with them to lend my aid.

Our task was simple. Capture the murderer of the king. We had her whereabouts informed to us, so we made our way to her location. Despite the best efforts of the guards there was quite a large mob gathered outside of the accused’s house. These adventurers spilt no blood and worked their way in with out much of a struggle, something I was keen on. This group managed to impress me a few more times. One, When they were able to detect her on the roof, out of site. Two, when Talos reacted quickly and made it to her with great speed for a construct of such size. Three, when Dseff was able to command the women with ease. and lastly when Gnarcunt cleverly made her invisible for easy transport back too the keep.

These adventurers have proven themselves to me, and showed that they are defiantly worth the effort to work with. Now all we need to know is what is most pressing for the sake of the city and what else can be done to help.


I love how this session worked out so perfect that every single one of us did something epic enough to impress our new friend.


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