Tomfoolery at its Finest

Short and Sweet

Set on the task of acquiring information instead of heads foe once, we made our way to grouping of permanently docked ships. Inside these ships were various services available that appeal to the primal nature of an individual; risk, reward, satisfaction, and a temporary escape from one’s harsh realities. As appealing as these indulgences were, we managed to stay true to our course and seek out the individual who would provide us with the information we needed.

The man was pleasant, but rough around the edges. If simple exchange of words turned for the worse, I was more than prepared to hammer out rough edges into smooth ones. After an epic introduction by none other then Gnarcunt the master plucker of lute, we managed to secure position in the man’s forces. From there we ascertained the information required about the man behind the schemes to purchase the city in these times of turmoil. I believe that no one should have unjust advantage over the weak.

With such information, the Queen and her associated guarding forces should be set at ease if any schemes were to be set in motion. I was also greatly entertained by the games Knivesies that were held. It was something unfamiliar to me or my people, but maybe, just maybe, one day I shall partake in a match.

I now head to the church of my deity to see if I can be of any assistance in the tumultuous times. Perhaps I will be led further astray into another adventure? Time will tell.



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