Battle at the Butchers

Impressive restraint

We had been charged by the queen to settle rioting and serve under her jurisdiction. We left to head out to a nearby barracks. On our way there we met up with a minstrel of sorts who seemed to be familiar with the dwarf and the golden elf. He joined with our small crusade and we made it off to the barracks. Here we were met by a female commander and a large table of maps. Curious I looked to the maps to see what sort of things had been planned out. I then noticed that the commander proceeded to shake the hands of my comrades and the minstrel so out of some apparent social standard I followed suit.

She asked if we could bring back a deserter who had caused a small rebellion with other guards. She gave us a location and sent us on our way. The next day we made our way to a butcher shop, fitting place for a potentially violent raid. My allies gave me the job of watching the front door to ensure nobody escapes. So I entered in and was not welcomed at all by two fit looking men. I had not even been aggressive or wielded my weapon but they attempted to intimidate me and force me out. I however am no deserter to my allies unlike these pathetic meat bags.

One thing led to another and we ended up in a fight, though by some act of ill fate I was unable to cut them down as easily as I felt I should. Though much to my surprise and happiness the golden elf showed up and came into the fray. At this point my fortunes changed and we easily overwhelmed them. We beat them into submission and tied them up and proceeded further in the building were we met up with the dwarf and the minstrel. It turns out they had bested two more of these scoundrels and I was impressed with their skills.

We headed upstairs were we had heard rushed footsteps. We found the one we were looking for and he had barricaded himself in a room, crossbow at the ready and escape route already planned out. It was clear he needed to be subdued as quickly as possible, so I rushed in and tackled him down. Others were soon with me and we had him. He began fussing about being held and treated unfairly, but he was a dishonorable man and I would not trust his words. We eventually got him to start talking and then he uttered vulgarities about the queen our employer. At this I had no choice but to beat him into unconsciousness. This sort of thing is not tolerated at all, and it seems the dwarf agreed with me.

The plan now is to bring him and the other deserters back to the barracks. And I am pleased to note that they are all alive.



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