What a week I’ve had! Such festivities and adventure! Between the drinking of ales and singing of songs, not to mention intrigue, plots, and threats to my very freedom.
I spent the time I had to myself drinking and singing as I usually do. Spent a very memorable evening with my good friend Everett. He even found a lady friend by the end of the night. I also invited my new friend Dseff on a night of merry making, but he did not seem in the best of spirits. We still had an excellent night as I showed him around the greatest places around Quenos to get a good beer.

I also am working on a new song, to commemorate some of our adventures together.

(To the tune of Kickapoo by Tenacious D)

It wasn’t so long ago,
In a town with waters blue.
There was and epic adventure party,
Heroic through and through.
Although there was a half elf,
who had no clue what to do.

His name was fucking Phaden, and he refused to be on time,
We all were gonna kill him,
And then he got in line.
He entered a fencing tournament and all the planets did alighn!

jammin on the lute

With his golden biceps flexing,
He stepped onto he floor.
Defeated his last opponent,
And he gave a mighty roar!
It he who won the tourney,
Beat the students and the best.
And if you try to fuck with him,
He’ll put you to rest…



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