Gare Barvasi


King of Spiders

Said to have the ability to control spiders, Gare controls a pier called Eel’s end. In charge of an assortment of entertainment, he is a tall man with close-cropped black hair, a warm smile, and blue eyes. He accents his black leather armor with a steel spider-shaped shoulder baldric and a thick chain criss-crossing his chest, linked together in the shape of a spider’s web. Spiders clamber over his skin, but he takes no notice. Whispers say that Devargo has the blood of fiends in him, and that he can communicate with spiders telepathically.

A fan of knivesies and information, he seems to have his web spread out all over Qeynos. Seemingly untouchable, he lords over his pier, paying his vice taxes to stay on the level although many speculate just how deep he lies in the criminal underworld.

Gare Barvasi

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