The Free City of Qeynos is a major city, not just on Antonica, but throughout all of Norrath. It serves as the heart of the Kingdom of the same namesake and is ruled by Antonius Bayle III. The plains of Karana to the east hold hundreds of small farms and outposts and open up onto the rest of the continent. Regular trade flows from the docks of the Free City to the city the Erudin and vice versa.

The king of Qeynos, Antonius Bayle III, is a celebrity of sorts, and he associates with all kinds of people. Known as “the City of Infinite Trade,” the thriving metropolis of Qeynos has nearly everything a beginning adventurer could want, and more may be discovered. Mostly run by humans, Qeynos sees people of all races and creeds pass through the city on some journey or grand adventure. Someone is always in need, someone is always quarreling, and someone is always willing to give people paying errands or jobs somewhere within the city. Finding something interesting and rewarding here is easy to do. Doing it without making enemies is the art.

Ten Crimes and Punishments

Punishments for violent crimes in Qeynos are harsh, but the general populace considers them fair. Non-violent crimes carry differing punishments depending on the disposition of the criminal. The following selections of crimes and their punishments (listed in order they are applied) should not be construed as all-inclusive. Qeynos’ legal code fills multiple thick volumes.

Treason – Torture, death; no appeal
Murder – Torture, death; no appeal
Rape – Torture and castration, imprisonment (10–20 years), death; no appeal
Armed Robbery – Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (10–20 years)
Arson – Pay restitution or branding, imprisonment (10+ years); plus murder charge if fire kills
Unionizing – Branding, imprisonment (5–10 years); no appeal
Accidental Death – Pay restitution or torture, imprisonment (5–8 years)
Robbery – Pay restitution or lose a hand, imprisonment (2–10 years), pay restitution
Drug Use – Imprisonment (4–6 months pre-trial, plus 2–3 years if guilty)
Burglary – Pay restitution, imprisonment (1–2 years)


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