Qeynosan Guard


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The Qeynosan Guard serves the city of Qeynos first, the city’s leader second, and the church of Rodcet Nife third. It works closely with the monarch and high priest of Nife to maintain order in the city, acting most often as a police force, but turning into a military operation whenever the city is threatened by external forces.

Descended from the regular army troops, the Qeynosan Guard possesses a long and proud history of serving the city and its leaders. Supported and augmented by the church of Nife, the Guard counts among its officers paladins and priests of the city god. The Guard works closely with both the Order of the Nail and Sable Company, coordinating efforts among all three and relying on the Hellknights to muster Acadamae wizards when necessary in order to protect the city from every imaginable threat.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft leads the nearly 700 soldiers of the Qeynosan Guard, almost all of whom are human. All other civilized races have representatives in the guard, as do the Barbarians and Highkeep. Despite an ever increasing integration of non-Qeynosian natives into its ranks, the Qeynosan Guard remains steadfastly tied to its traditions. Only full-blooded Qeynosian humans can become generals or the field marshal, while only those with at least half-Qeynosan blood (including half-elves) can achieve a rank higher than captain.

Qeynosan Guard

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